A Day of Learning

Event Overview

On May 2 the Fairgrounds will be transformed into "classrooms" for the day, offering 15 unique lectures on a variety of topics presented by our neighbors, local community leaders and guest volunteers (click here to see a complete list). This is an ALL-VOLUNTEER effort to raise funds for the Fairgrounds and other community organizations. CLICK HERE to register now!


The day will be divided into 3 time periods. Five individual classes will be taught during each time period. Attendees ("students') can select one of 5 classes offered each period. Students can take as little as one class for the day, or up to three classes (see below for pricing). Multiple class discounts are offered per person, but not per group. ALL students attending at least one class can attend the Bonus Class / Keynote Speaker presentation at no additional cost.


Following the Bonus Class, students will receive their A Day of Learning Certificate at the Graduation Ceremony. The Certificate serves as an acknowledgement of the completion of the classes as well as a receipt for their tax deductible contribution.**


There will be breaks in between classes and a lunch period when snacks and pre-ordered lunches can be enjoyed. (See below).


The Schedule

9:00 am – 10:30 am

Session 1

11:00 am – 12:30 pm

Session 2

12:30 pm – 1:30 pm

Lunch Break

1:30 pm – 3:00 pm

Session 3

3:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Bonus Class / Keynote Speaker

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Graduation Ceremonies with Emcee Raymond Cordts
Including light snacks, coffee, water, soda and wine sold by the glass

The Classes

Classes will be held at the Fairgrounds at 5 different facilities: The Richards Building, Farm Fun Building, The Conservatory, The Shotwell Building, and the Administration Building.


Each class will last 1.5 hours:

  • Presentation (part 1) - 30 minutes
  • Intermission - 10 minutes
  • Presentation (part 2) - 30 minutes
  • Audience Q&A - 20 minutes

Tuition Contribution**

$100/per person includes 3 classes, one Bonus Class, and A Day of Learning Certificate. You may also choose to attend only 1 ($40) or 2 ($75) classes. Multiple class discounts are per person, not per group. The Keynote class is free for anyone who signs up for at least one class.


Snack and Lunch Options—Pre-made, packaged sandwiches as well as light snacks, water and soda will be provided by the Branchville Rotary Club. Coffee and hot drinks will be sold by the First Presbyterian Church of Branchville. Beer and wine by the glass will be sold by the Branchville Rotary Foundation. Sandwiches must be ordered in advance at the time of Registration. Snacks and beverages will be for sale on the day of event.

Event Proceeds

Your tax deductible contributions will support the following organizations:

  • The Sussex County Farm & Horse Show Association
  • The Branchville Rotary Foundation
  • The Rotary Club of Newton
  • The First Presbyterian Church of Branchville

Thank you for your contributions!**

COVID-19 Precautions

The Sussex County Fairgrounds follows all mandated precautions and directives of the Sussex County Department of Health and the New Jersey Department of Health. Students, attendees, and volunteers will not be permitted inside classrooms without wearing masks. Class sizes will not exceed the current restrictions and surfaces will be sanitized in between classes. The Sussex County Farm and Horse Show Association reserves the right to implement additional safety procedures including but not limited to taking temperatures and requesting a signed statement indicating that the student is healthy, symptom free and has not been exposed to anyone with the virus within a specified time frame. Additionally, attendees with apparent symptoms may be asked to leave the facilities.


Should the NJ COVID-19 restrictions change prior to February 27, 2021, the A Day of Learning event health and safety procedures will be modified per the guidelines determined by the Sussex County Department of Health and the New Jersey Department of Health.


If A Day of Learning is postponed due to weather or new COVID-19 precautions, students (attendees) will be notified with as much advanced notice as possible. Tickets will be honored at a rescheduled A Day of Learning event held later in 2021; or if desired, ticket holders may contribute the cost of tuition (and/or pre-ordered food purchase) as a tax deductible donation to benefit organizations sponsoring this event. In the event that A Day of Learning is postponed, students will be contacted with more details.


**The Sussex County Farm & Horse Show Association, Inc., Branchville Rotary Foundation, The Newton Rotary Club and the First Presbyterian Church of Branchville are not for profit entities recognized by the IRS as 501 (c)(3) organizations. The Association receives no funding from state/local government. "A Day of Learning" contributions and food purchases from the organizations listed above are tax deductible in accordance with IRS regulations for Charitable Donations.

THANK YOU To Our Fundraising Sponsors