Carnival Info

The carnival at the Fair is provided by Reithoffer Shows, Inc. All rides are checked by state inspectors prior to the opening of the Fair. The carnival is open from noon to closing.



Friday, August 5, 5 pm - closing (All rides $1; $10 strip of 10 tickets minimum) 


A Sensory Friendly Morning at the Fair!

Friday, August 11, 12 pm - 2 pm - For those who are sensitive to the loud sounds and bright lights of the carnival area, Reithoffer Shows Inc. will be offering a quiet morning in the carnival area.


Fair Ride Tickets

Tickets can be purchased in the carnival area. Most rides are 3-5 tickets.


Automatic Ticket System - Fair Cards 

$3                    2 Tickets 

$15 Sheet        11 Tickets 

$25 Sheet        22 Tickets 

$55 Sheet        55 Tickets 


A megapass is admission and a ride bracelet for any one day of the Fair. They are not dated. Megapasses are available at selected local businesses, the Fairgrounds Administration Building, and online until August 3, 11:55 pm.  Adult [13 +] megapasses are $30.  Child [6-12] are $25. 

Pay One Price

A ride bracelet for unlimited rides is available at the Carnival area for the dates/times listed below. Fair admission is not included.


POP: Monday, Aug. 7 Noon to close, $30 

POP: Tuesday, Aug. 8, Noon to 6 pm, $25 

POP: Wednesday, Aug.9, Noon to 6 pm, $25 

POP: Thursday, Aug. 10, Noon to 6 pm, $25 


Carnival at twilight
Carnival at twilight Boys on swings Cartoon Rooster Illustration Carnival game