Livestock Shows and 6 Barns of Animals

The animals in the barns and Small Animal Building are on the grounds to compete in livestock shows. Before and after their shows they are on display. This means that the majority of animals on any given day reflects the shows occurring that day. In the same way, horses at the horse show are specific to the classes being held on a particular day. The number of animals on any given day depends on how many exhibitors are participating that day.


The larger animals are housed in pole barns—open on the sides. Fairgoers can get close to them in their pens. Refrain from putting your hands into the pens, as some animals are not as friendly as others. The people in the middle of the barns are the animals’ owners and handlers. Ask them any questions you may have about them.


The Small Animal Building contains poultry, cavy and bunnies. These are 4-H project animals. Local clubs conduct animal story time daily, and have animals available to look at close up and pet. There is also a poultry incubator hatching eggs.


Livestock Show
Livestock Show An Egg Incubator