Freehand Custom Carvings

Brett McLain, of Freehand Custom Carvings, will be doing live carving demonstrations throughout the fair.  His focus this year will be on an interactive, large-scale sculpture that will be completed for photo opportunities towards the end of the fair week. Brett has been sculpting wood for over 27 years and his work has been featured and awarded in top competitions worldwide. Freehand Custom Carvings is located in Fredon, NJ and features both Brett and his wife Casey’s artwork, as well as art from guest carvers. In addition to creating beautiful sculptures, Brett and his family are passionate gardeners and have been using permaculture practices on their property to create edible, organic landscaping amongst their imaginative artwork. Brett’s strong connection to the natural environment is expressed in the stunning sculptures he creates.

See this show:

3:30 pm, 7:30 pm

Located in the Family Entertainment Area

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Freehand Custom Carving demonstration
Freehand Custom Carving demonstration