On Horticulture Highway — across the street from the Conservatory and Greenhouse —find educational AND entertaining demonstrations/presentations throughout the day: Roger Abrahamson, The Giant Bowl Turner; Reggie Britton, the Potter; and Cindie and Bob Etienne’s Heartfelt Creations!


Roger Abrahamson- The Giant Bowl Turner

Roger provides unique, entertaining and educational woodworking demonstrations. His presentations are interactive for young and old.  In addition to making beautiful bowls on his foot powered lathe, he also entertains with his banjo and storytelling.  

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Demos and presentations throughout the day

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Reggie the Potter

Reggie Britton uses a foot powered treadle to run her potter's wheel and makes pottery "the old fashioned way".  Reggie also entertains and educates fairgoers with her unique love of her craft and interactions with children and adults. A must see at the Fair!

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Demos and presentations throughout the day.


Heartfelt Creations

Cindie and Bob Etienne have showcased their talents at various fairs and events across the country, including period events spanning from the 1700s to the Civil War era. They will be demonstrating felt making and rope making from 8/4 – 8/12. The felt making will include felting raw wool into hats and other objects and discussing felting history and lore. Bob's rope demonstration includes twisting the strands with a rope machine with help from fairgoers. You'll even get to take home a piece of your homemade rope!

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Demos throughout the day from 10am –10 pm weekends and 12 noon – 10 pm week days

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The Giant Bowl Turner giving a demonstration
The Giant Bowl Turner giving a demonstration Reggie the Potter giving a demonstration Heartfelt Creations